General business conditions

General terms and conditions
1. validity
The deliveries, services and offers be made exclusively on the basisof these terms and conditions.
2. State of the parts
It is expressly noted that the spare parts is used spare parts that are subject to an unknown wear.
3. offers
Our offers are without obligation and subject to alteration. Oral commitments deviating from thesegeneral terms and conditions or other writtenstatements made are not binding for or customer/ supplier is bound from quotations at least 8 days onthe range. Is it offered to the of toa single piece, that while was sold in this period toanother customer, this is offered as extinguishedimmediately. A collection of the offered spare part ora replacement by the customer is not possible.
4. conclusion of the contract
A contract is made by order (button solution) of thegoods in the online shop or sales platforms such as (hood, ebay, amazon, etc.) or personal, passing thegoods to the customer. Not all data needed by thecustomer correctly specify has been a contract isdeemed to be not completed. This concerns inparticular credit card or bank account expressly indicates that the order acceptance and confirmation when ordering on theInternet be automatically and electronically. Whenerror occurs in the ordering system or apparent errorsin the product specifications, in particular of thepurchase price, a contract is deemed to be notcompleted.
5. termination of the contract
Resigns the customer - without being authorised - thecontract or its dissolution, desires to be the choice on fulfilment of the contract or toagree to the cancellation. In agreeing to the contractthe customer is obliged a compensation amounting to15.6% of the gross invoice amount, but at least thecosts to be paid.
6. prices
All prices are, if not otherwise stated, gross prices.
7. delivery
The choice of the transport company The customer shall bear thecosts. Transport and delivery costs betweenconclusion of contract and submit should change, is entitled to increase prices or toreduce. At causes, E.g. due to debt of the carrier, thecustomer may not withdraw from the contract.Without prejudice to the legal provisions, the risk ofaccidental loss or accidental deterioration in any casewith the handing over to the customer or a transport company to the buyer passes.
8. property rights
All delivered goods