engine & gearbox component

Seat Alhambra 7M 00-10 Idler Pulley tensioner role holder absorber petrol engine
Clamping element with roller for belt tension, for gasoline, used condition
Our standard price 26,97 EUR
Your price 21,58 EUR
You save 20%
Seat Alhambra 7M 00-10 Oil tube Turbo 4-cylinder diesel
Oil pipe for exhaust gas turbochargers for 4-cylinder diesel, used condition
Our standard price 29,00 EUR
Your price 24,65 EUR
You save 15%
Seat Alhambra 7M 00-10 Cylinder head with VALVE CAM SHAFT + INJECTOR NOZZLE AFN
Cylinder head with valves, with camshaft and injector nozzles, MKB: AFN, Mileage: approx. 153,000 (according to speedometer), used condition
199,00 EUR
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