engine & gearbox component

Audi RS6 4G C7 13-18 Air Filter Box Air Filter Box 8-cylinder TFSI
Air filter box complete with intake hose for 8-cylinder TFSI, used condition
129,00 EUR
Audi RS6 4G C7 13-18 Engine cover cover V8 TFSI black red
Engine cover cover for V8 TFSI, color: Black red, little used condition
199,00 EUR
Audi RS6 4G C7 13-18 Cool gearbox oil cooler V8 TFSI 4.0
Gear oil cooler 4,0 TFSI V8, slightly deformed but dense, See pictures, used condition
499,00 EUR
Audi RS6 4G C7 13-18 Differential gearbox rear axle transmission 43:13 MKV
Rear axle transmission/differential, translation: 43:13, only 116,000 km, used condition
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