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VW Tiguan 5N 11-15 Spare space-saving spare wheel T145 / 80R18 ET 27.5 4Jx18H2
Spare wheel - space-saving spare wheel, tire size: 145/80 R18 T "rim: T27,5, PCD: 5x112, mint condition
229,00 EUR
VW Tiguan 5N 11-15 Manual User board Binder + Bag Canada USA
Instructions / board wallet with service book, user etc, execution English - Canada USA, new condition
our standard price 59,00 EUR
your price 53,10 EUR
you save 10%
VW Tiguan 5N 11-15 Reserver wheel space-saving Notrad T145/80 R18 99M
Reserve wheel, tire dimension: T145/80 R18 99M, 4J x 18H2, ET27.5, hole circle: 5x112, on steel rim, new condition
our standard price 229,00 EUR
your price 206,10 EUR
you save 10%
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